Now Airing: July 2012

WICKED LATE brings its (nearly) nine year run to a close with a special 60 minute retrospective episode featuring some of our past favorite moments and clips!


Thank you all so much for an incredible (nearly) nine year run. Whether you appeared a guest, assisted with the production in any way, or simply tuned in as a viewer, I appreciate your kindness and encouragement more than you will ever know. I started this show back in late 2003 because I had always been so inspired by comedy; and more specifically, by the immensely talented hosts within the late night comedy/talk show genre. I had no idea that we would become a such a TV/media fixture on the airwaves of RI and nearby MA and that so many would respond so positively to what we were trying to do.

Thank you for supporting my modest attempt at making a very small dent into the world of late night television comedy; I will always believe that, despite our limited resources, the comedy and entertainment quality of our show stands up against - and was sometimes better than - anything you see at the network and cable commercial level. I hope that someday I will once again be on a TV screen in front of you and that, if I am lucky enough to do so, you will continue to support me as you have all of the years WICKED LATE has been on the air locally. Please give our last show a viewing if you can. I am very proud of how it turned out and would love for you to enjoy our "comedic juggernaut" of nonsense one last time.

Forever greatful,


Cold Open & Monologue
Nick, Ron, and Pete Cardi arrive for the taping via Special Delivery!
Post Show Massage
With his Swedish masseuse unavailable, Brendan wonders who will be giving him his customary post show massage.
Dancing Cop Cameo
Brendan fulfills a longtime dream.
Auto Show Remote
WICKED LATE visits the 2011 Northeast International Auto Show.
Guest Contingency Plan
What happens when a guest cancels at the last minute?
Accountant on Ledge
Recent economic troubles have forced our show's accountant to consider the unthinkable.
Celebrity New Years...
Predictions on what your favorite celebs will be up to in the New Year.
Guest Chair Confusion
What does Brendan really mean when he says 'joining me in the guest chair'?
Alternative Transportation
High gas prices are no problem for Brendan as he tries to maintain his day of show routine.
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